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Understanding Arc Flash Studies: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

When it comes to electrical engineering, safety is our top priority. An integral element in safeguarding personnel and equipment is the utilization of arc flash studies. These intricate analyses are critical for facilities where electrical systems pose a significant risk for hazardous events. If you're an electrical engineer, facility manager, or safety professional, understanding when and why to employ an arc flash study is a vital aspect of your role in maintaining a safe working environment.

Importance of Arc Flash Studies

An arc flash study isn't just about compliance; it's about creating a culture of safety, preventing devastating accidents, and ensuring uninterrupted operations. At Allied Engineering and Design, we don't just assess risks; we craft solutions tailored to your unique facility needs.

What is an Arc Flash?

Before we delve into the specifics, let's clarify what an arc flash is. It's a type of electrical explosion that can occur when a significant fault passes through the air between conductors or from a conductor to the ground. The result can be incredibly dangerous – producing intense heat, fire, blinding light, and explosive pressure waves. Suffice it to say, it's something best avoided, and here's how an arc flash study helps.

The Role of Arc Flash Studies

Our experienced Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) Group undertakes a systematic approach to assessing the potential risks associated with arc flash incidents. With their deep-rooted expertise in both current industry standards and the nuances of varied electrical installations, they're adept at pinpointing areas of concern.

A Comprehensive Approach to Safety

A comprehensive arc flash study encompasses several critical steps:

  • Data collection: It starts with gathering detailed information about your electrical distribution system, from transformer ratings to the lengths of cables.
  • System modeling: We use state-of-the-art software to simulate your system, identifying potential fault locations, and calculating the severity of possible arc flashes.
  • Protective device evaluation: We scrutinize existing protective devices to ensure they are set correctly and propose adjustments as necessary for optimal protection.
  • Label installation: Once the study is complete, we provide clear, OSHA-compliant labeling for electrical components, clarifying the level of risk and necessary protective gear.
  • Safety training: Knowledge is power, and empowering your personnel with the know-how to recognize and avoid potential hazards is key. We offer specialized training sessions that are as engaging as they are informative.

The goal of our arc flash studies goes beyond merely fulfilling regulatory requirements; we prioritize proactive risk management and the installation of preventative measures to mitigate the likelihood and potential impact of an arc flash event.

When to Conduct an Arc Flash Study

While awareness of arc flash hazards has increased over the years, many still wonder when they should conduct these vital studies. Here are a few situations that call for an immediate analysis:

  • New construction or renovation: Whenever a facility is erected or substantially modified, it's crucial to understand the new electrical landscape through an arc flash study.
  • Equipment changes: Upgrading or adding new electrical equipment can change the dynamics of your power system, necessitating a fresh look at potential arc flash risks.
  • After a significant incident: If an arc flash or another type of electrical accident occurs, reassessing your system's safety becomes a top priority.
  • Periodic review: Even if the layout hasn't changed, a periodic review is wise, as wear and tear or subtle changes can influence the system's safety over time.

Conclusion: Allied Engineering and Design's Commitment to Holistic Safety Standards

The team at Allied Engineering and Design is committed to elevating the standard of electrical safety through comprehensive arc flash studies. Our E&I Group is ready to partner with you, leveraging their expertise to furnish advanced solutions that protect both your personnel and your operations. An arc flash study isn't just a component of a safety checklist—it's a cornerstone of a diligent safety strategy.

Are you ready to prioritize safety and enhance your facility's electrical risk management? Contact Allied Engineering and Design to schedule an arc flash study that promises peace of mind and a commitment to excellence. Protect your team, protect your facility, and ensure a future where safety comes first.

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Green Ammonia: Pioneering Sustainable Chemical Engineering Energy Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

In the face of climate change, a game-changing solution emerges from chemical engineering history— a resurgence of Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch's monumental work, this time in the form of green ammonia. Produced through water electrolysis powered by renewable energy sources, this innovation replaces hydrocarbon-based hydrogen, revolutionizing ammonia production and drastically reducing carbon emissions. With the capability to capture and store hydrogen for emission-free energy, green ammonia represents a pivotal advancement in the realms of chemical engineering and sustainable fuel technologies. At AED, a leading chemical engineering firm deeply integrated with the energy sector, we're dedicated to unlocking the full potential of green ammonia, steering us towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.

In a great stride towards sustainable energy solutions, CF Industries is embarking on a green ammonia project right here in the United States. Over the next three years, a staggering $100 million investment will be channeled into converting 20,000 tons per year of conventional ammonia at their flagship facility in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, into its eco-conscious counterpart, green ammonia, through the installation of advanced electrolyzers. Notably, the electricity powering this transformation will be sourced from renewable energy, solidifying the commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. This pioneering effort resonates strongly with AED's unwavering support of energy innovation within the United States, reinforcing our shared commitment to a greener, more sustainable future as a top chemical engineering firm in New Jersey. Together, we're driving the transition towards a more environmentally-conscious tomorrow.

The journey towards sustainable fuel solutions involves a comprehensive approach

The journey towards sustainable fuel solutions involves a comprehensive approach, from the conceptualization of green ammonia to its practical application in the energy sector. AED’s commitment to this cause goes beyond the technicalities—it's about pioneering a future where eco-consciousness and industrial engineering progress coexist harmoniously. By integrating green ammonia into our arsenal of sustainable energy solutions as a chemical engineering firm in New Jersey, we're not only redefining the boundaries of chemical engineering but also championing a cleaner, more sustainable world for generations to come.

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Proud to Welcome Midwest Engineering Firm RT Patterson to the Family

Allied Engineering is excited to welcome RT Patterson Company (RTP) to our family of companies. RTP is a well respected and established engineering firm based in Pittsburgh, PA with a legacy dating back more than 65 years. This strategic acquisition marks a pivotal moment that amplifies our engineering design services in New Jersey and solidifies our position among the top chemical engineering firms in Philadelphia, allowing us to deliver even greater value to our esteemed clients.

Welcoming RTP aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering exceptional engineering design services in New Jersey and beyond. RTP is renowned for its expertise in the heavy industrial, steel, manufacturing, aluminum, and utility markets. With their extensive knowledge and strong track record for excellence, they bring a wealth of experience and a significant legacy to our organization. 

With their engineering firm headquartered in Pittsburgh, RT Patterson boasts additional offices in Crown Point and Evansville, Indiana. This expanded presence strengthens our ability to serve clients in these key regions, providing local support and expertise. AED has already started to collaborate with RT Patterson on several key projects. 

We extend our warmest welcome to the RT Patterson team as we embark on this exciting journey together. We are confident that this collaboration will continue to unlock new opportunities, strengthen our capabilities, and enhance our ability to meet evolving engineering needs.

For inquiries and to explore the range of our enhanced engineering services, contact us at


AICHE Annual CEO Dinner Recap

Allied Engineering + Design had the privilege of being an attending sponsor at the 25th Annual AIChE Delaware Valley Section Annual CEO Dinner. The prestigious event was held at the renowned Union League in Philadelphia, and brought together a remarkable gathering of colleagues, peers, students, and esteemed industry professionals in the field of chemical engineering.

The highlight of this year's CEO Dinner was keynote speaker Erin Kane, President and CEO of AdvanSix. Erin's remarkable expertise in the realm of chemistry and engineering is widely recognized, and she has played a pivotal role in guiding AdvanSix's transformation into a diversified chemistry company since its spin-off in 2016. Her visionary leadership has paved the way for unlocking new opportunities and addressing global challenges, all through the power of chemistry.

We are particularly proud to mention that Erika Nolte, a valued member of our team serving as a Project Manager/Project Engineer at Allied, holds the esteemed position of Vice Chair on AICHE's Executive Committee. Erika's dedication and passion for the field of chemical engineering are evident in her invaluable contributions to the planning and programming of AICHE's events. Her commitment to excellence resonates with our values at Allied, and we congratulate her on a successful CEO dinner!

The dinner provided an exceptional platform for fostering meaningful connections and exchanging insights within the local chemical engineering community. We would like to thank AIChE for organizing this remarkable event and creating an environment conducive to collaboration and growth.

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