Cost effective engineering solutions promoting operability and world-class safety.

Providing Essential Support Without Compromising Quality, Efficiency, or Value

Allied Engineering and Design is a comprehensive engineering firm working in the heavy industrial market. From front-end development and procurement to engineering and construction management, AED provides cost-effective solutions that boost efficiency, safety, and reliability.


Whether it's through technology, improving work processes, addressing project challenges, attracting and retaining top talent, or how we interface with project teams, we are always seeking new ways to continuously improve operations while generating value for our customers. Our approach to preserving the integrity of our client's enterprise without compromise is rooted in every project touchpoint.

A Holistic Approach

Allied Engineering is an ARG company. Our sister companies provide technical recruiting, industrial inspection, construction management, and power delivery services to clients in the energy, chemicals, critical manufacturing, water, and transportation industries. We have a collaborative culture that allows our businesses to tap into a deep support network designed to overcome the challenge of complex projects.


Our team recognizes that what you produce isn’t as important as producing it efficiently and safely. AED has adopted a Zero Incidents philosophy that all work-related accidents, incidents, injuries, and illnesses are preventable.


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Recordable Safety Incidents

AED is built on being adaptive to changing markets by taking the most practical path required for project success. We do this by communicating with the client throughout the project lifecycle.

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